To get + preposizione

Ci sono molte espressioni idiomatiche che si formano con il verbo to get e una preposizione. Non ci sono regole per la traduzione di queste frasi. Troverà altre espressioni di questo tipo nel capitolo phrasal verbs.

to get ...    
about spargere una voce The news got about very quickly.
across (to get across = attraversare) He got across the street in only a second.
ahead (to get ahead = andare avanti) They always wanted to get ahead.
along (to get along = accordarsi) Cats and dogs do not get along.
around venire My neighbour got around for a cup of tea.
at apprendere la verità Finally, we got at the truth.
away andare via They were looking for him, but he got away.
back rincontrarsi I left my keys in the bar, but I got them back.
by bastare She has not much money, but she gets by.
down (to business) parlare sul serio Let us get down to business.
down (in writing) mettere per iscritto Did you get it down in writing?
in entrare Hello! Get in!
into avere dei problemi He got into trouble last night.
off (to get off = abbassare) We got off the train at the last station.
on (with) (to get on = continuare) Get on with your work!
onto (to get onto = salire) We want to get onto the bus.
out (of) (to get out = uscire) She said that he should get out of her kitchen.
over (to get over = superare) Believe me; you will get over it!
through vivere He got through some difficult times.
together incontrarsi They get together once a year.
under way mettersi in marcia The project got nicely under way.
up alzarsi Every morning I have to get up early.

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