To get + participio II

To get in relazione al participio II descrive sempre un mutamento. Questo tipo di costruzione molto spesso, ma non sempre, richiede una preposizione determinata.

to get ...    
accustomed (to) adattarsi I got accustomed to reading the newspaper.
damaged rompersi The car got damaged in the accident.
dressed up vestirsi We all got dressed up for the evening.
disliked diventare impopolare With all her arrogance, she got disliked in her class.
broken rompersi The glass got broken during the fight.
busted essere preso in trappola The thief got busted.
caught essere preso in trappola We got caught stealing cherries.
drunk ubriacarsi They were having a party and all got drunk.
excited entusiasmarsi He got a bit excited by the news.
frightened spaventare The child got frightened by the dog.
lost vai via ! Get lost! (Hau ab!)
married sposarsi They got married last year.
mixed up confondere We it got mixed up with something else.
muddled imbrogliarsi During a presentation, one should not get muddled.
pulled over essere controllato (dalla polizia) Luckily, I did not get pulled over this morning.
rid of disimpegnarsi We had trouble getting rid of him.
separated essere separato da qualche cosa You got separated during the concert.
shaved rasato He got shaved at the Barber's.
started cominciare Do they really get started on time?
used to adattarsi It is easy to get used to luxury.
worried preoccupato If he does not come home soon, I'll get worried.

contatto informazione legale consenso al trattamento dei dati personali