28.8 Much, many

Della differenza tra much e many abbiamo già parlato nel capitolo 16. Con much ci si riferisce a una grande
quantitá di elementi, con many a un grande numero di cose.

Il uso di much e many
much molto (singolare)
many molti, molte (plurale)
a) Much e many si usano soprattutto in frasi interrogative e negative.
b) Dopo di as, too, so, very e how si usa much e many anche in frasi affermative.
c) Come soggetto much e many possono anche essere utilizzati in frasi affermative.

a) I haven't got much time to wait for you again!
a) Do you have many friends in your town?
b) Eat as much as you like!
b) There are just too many people around; I cannot find Peter among them.
c) Much has happened during the last year.
c) Many people have left already for the day, because of the nice weather.

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