I pronomi relativi vengono spiegati nel capitolo 17.

Scelga l' opzione corretta. Bisogna tenere presente che può trattarsi di una frase relativa restrittiva o di una frase relativa non restrittiva.
The novel he wrote was a real success.
Jane, is the daughter of a farmer, has won the beauty competition.
The exhibition was opened yesterday is really interesting.
The Mediterranean, is practically shut off from the ocean is tideless.
The article we talked in school was written by a well known poet.
Peter, you met yesterday, is an actor.
The book he was talking about all the time was a novel by Dickens.
Hamlet, we all have heard, is a person in a Shakespeare-play.
This is the thesis I have been working on for more than six months.
Berlin is the city, most people want to go.

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