La voce passiva al simple past

  Metta nelle caselle la voce passiva nel simple past del verbo che corrisponde. I dettagli vengono   spiegati nel   capitolo 15. Utilizzi: to calculate, to find, to read, to sell, to buy, to put, to prepare,   to   give, to   wish, to send, to prefer

Coffee over tea during our meeting.
The sum by a machine, it should not be wrong.
The house by my grandparents, when they were young.
The letter to us by courier.
We a lot of good advice when we went on our world tour.
Dinner by the host during the last couple of days.
The dog near the highway.
They good luck for their exams.
The book by only a few people.
Their concert out within a few hours.

contatto informazione legale consenso al trattamento dei dati personali