Past Perfect

 Utilizzi il verbo che corrisponde nel simple past. I dettagli vengono spiegati nel capitolo 8.
  Utilizzi i verbi: to   listen,  to reduce, to doubt, to leave, to work, to take, to see, to move,   to   drink, to approach, to be

She the rightness of his actions before anybody knew about his past.
They the last bit of his money and then they left to spend it in bars.
The authorities the support for poor and ill to a minimum, only later they noticed the consequences.
He for London months before she found his wallet.
The singer other bands to find new spirit, a couple of years later they had their first hit.
Before we started a new project, we to a new office.
Before he was successful he very hard for more than four years.
After she the last bit of wine she felt really bad.
Before I it I first thought it is a lamb not a dog, because it has so soft fur.
It a very tough decision, but in the end it was the only possible.

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