29.2.1 Espressioni idiomatiche con get e become

In alcuni casi , soprattutto in relazione ad alcuni aggettivi, to get può essere sostituito da to become e viceversa. Questi aggettivi sono.

Get e become    
abusive esagerato There is no reason to get / become abusive!
annoyed arrabiarsi He always gets / becomes annoyed by children.
angry arrabiarsi She gets / becomes angry by violence.
better / worse meglio / peggio Day by day, he gets / becomes better.
cheap(er) più economico The flights to Europe get / become cheaper every year.
cold freddo You get / become cold, if you don't dress well.
dry secco The weather gets / becomes dry with the wind.
hungry affamato They get / become hungry by swimming all day.
old vecchio We all get / become old, if we are lucky.
ready pronto Did you get / become ready for the evening?
lost perduto We got / became lost on the way to here.
thirsty assediato He gets / becomes thirsty from watching others drink.
warm caldo She gets / becomes warm with nice thoughts.
wet umido They got / became wet by the heavy rain.

Tutte questi esempi descrivono un cambio corporale o psichico. Questo tipo di cambio si può descrivere con to get e to become. Questa situazione non è possibile in altre circostanze.

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