28.9.2 Altre particolarità

Per quanto riguarda little e few ci sono altre particolarità.

confronto con little little - less - least
confronto con few few - fewer - fewest
molto meno (singolare) much less; far less
molto meno (plurale) many fewer; far fewer
espressioni idiomatiche: sufficiente quite a few
first, last y next in relazione a descrizioni temporali si usa molto spesso con few

They have now less money than before, but more happiness.
The least you can do is to talk to him before you leave.
This year there were fewer guest at the party.
He had the fewest mistakes in the last test.
This year we had far (much) less snow than last year.
Nowadays far (many) fewer children are born.
During our trip we made quite a few new friends.
The first few days after her stay in hospital were difficult.
The next few weeks will show whether we are right or wrong.

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