27.9.5 Esercizio 5:

Questo esercizio è interessante soltanto da un punto di vista teorico.

  Decida se in queste frasi se tratta di un participio o di un gerundio

participi     check
  Having written this letter he ate an apple.
  We are looking forward to having you with us soon.
  Reading the article gave me the impression, everything is different.
  She stood in the kitchen watching him prepare the food.
  We hear them talking about the concert that was last night.
  Besides being wrong in this issue, you were very rude.
  What about studying chemistry?
  I see no point in discussing this any further.
  If being wrong he'll lose a lot of money.
  We all are fed up with his being late all the time.
  There he stood with his dog playing at his feet.
Supposing he is honest with us, what would you like to do?
  The little girl was afraid of being left alone.
  I apologise for being rude, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings.
  Strictly speaking you have done more than was absolutely necessary.

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