25.6.6 Esercizio 6: Concordanza dei tempi

  Utilizzi le regole della concordanza dei tempi seguendo l'esempio    
  Frase: He has fallen off a ladder. / I'm afraid (= simultaneo, frase di introduzione nel presente)    
  Soluzione: I'm afraid he has fallen off a ladder.    
They carried out their plan. / He hoped (= simultaneo)  
  She will have knocked at the door in his absence. / She imagined (dopo)  
  He has forgotten to set the alarm clock, and now he is still sleeping. / They thought (= dopo)  
  Mary will catch a cold if she doesn't wear a coat. / The mother was afraid  
  Because of the bad weather they miss the performance of Tom. / He was afraid  
  You will have to tell your nephew to put down the brush. / She thought  
  When they will come home, he will put the luggage on the carpet. / He imagined  
  Her skirt will have been so short that he could see a lot of her legs. / He hoped  
  They succeed in their project. / They wished very much  
  They had whispered in the theatre so loudly that one of the visitors lost his temper. / She imagined  

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