20.10.8 Esercizio 8: Riepilogo delcondizionale

Le frasi condizionali vengono spiegate nel capitolo 19. Cambi le frasi qui sotto seguendo questo modello.

Frase :                I smoke longer, I get cancer.
Condizionale I:   If I smoke longer, I will get cancer.
Condizionale II:  If I smoked longer, I would get cancer.
Condizionale III: If I had smoked longer, I would have got cancer.

Formi delle frasi seguendo il modello precedente
You don't like it; you don't take it.
He he arrives on time; we can to the restaurant.
You pay the rent; you don't get kicked out of the apartment
They study chemistry; they earn a lot of money later on.
We catch the train in the morning; we are home in the evening.

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