13.3.6 Lista di aggettivi con preposizioni

Certi aggettivi chiedono determinati preposizioni.

Aggettivi e preposizioni    
absorbed in occupato di
He is absorbed in his book.  
accustomed to

abituato a qualcosa

He is accustomed to sleeping on the floor.  
afraid of

avere paura di

She is afraid of spiders.  
angry about

arrabiato per

We are angry about their behaviour.  
angry with arrabiato con
They are angry with me.  
anxious about

ansioso di

You are anxious about the exam.  
anxious for

ansioso per

The kids are anxious for their vacation.  
ashamed of

vergognarsi di

I am ashamed of being so stupid.  
attached to volere bene a qualcuno
Mrs. Simmons is attached to her old dog.  
aware of

cosciente di

We are aware of the difficult situation.  
bad at

non bravo in

He is bad at lying.  
bored with


She is bored with too simple tasks.  
capable of

essere capace di

You are capable of much more than you do.  
common to

avere qualche cosa in comune

Breathing is common to all living beings.  
concerned about

preoccupato di

The teachers are concerned about the exams.  
concerned with interessato a
He is only concerned with Biology.  
crowded with pieno di
The little room is crowded with young people.  
dependent on dipendente da
The social weak are dependent on public support.  
different from distinto da
My new dress is totally different from all others.  
disappointed at impegnato a
We were disappointed at the latest play.  
due to a causa di
Due to bad weather we had to go home.  
engaged to impegnato
They have been engaged to each other for two years.  
familiar with familiare con
Yes, we are familiar with this procedure.  
famous for famoso per
She is famous for doing nothing.  
fit for

capace di

After the training they are fit for attending the cup.  
fond of volere bene
We are very fond of our nieces.  
full of pieno di
This guy is just full of pride.  
good at buono in
Some are good at math, some rather not.  
good for buono per
This tool is good for heavy work.  
grateful to grato
She is so grateful to the firebrigade that they found her cat.
guilty of colpevole
He is guilty of drunken driving.  
inferior to peggio di
This new TV is inferior to our old one.  
interested in interessato a
This new girl is only interested in fashion.  
involved in

coinvolto in

We should not get involved in this.  
keen on ansioso di
You were so keen on the bike, and now you do not use it.
mad with pazzo per
When I was young, I was very mad with the band.  
married to sposato con
He is married to his neighbour.  
pleased with contento di
That idiot is always so pleased with himself.  
prepared for preparata a
They were very well prepared for the trip.  
prone to sensibile
He is prone to teasing him about his age.  
proud of orgoglioso di
We really can be proud of our accomplishment.  
ready for disposto a  
The cars were all ready for the start of the rally.  
responsible for responsabile di
She made herself responsible for everything.  
rich in ricco in
If nothing else, we get rich in experience.
satisfied with contento di
The students can be satisfied with their results.
scared of timoroso di
She is terribly scared of snakes.  
short of essere al verde
We are short of beer, I'll go and get some.  
similar to simile a
This is similar to the situation last year.  
suitable for adatto a
The raincoat is suitable for this weather.  
superior to superiore a
The wine this year is superior to the one last year.
sure about sicuro di
Are you sure about leaving school?  
surprised at sorpreso di
I was surprised at the high prices there.  
suspicious of diffidente
He was always suspicious of beautiful men.
tired of stanco di
She was tired of fighting against windmills.  
typical of tipico di
This was typical of him!  
used to abituato a
They were used to doing nothing all day.

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