32.4 Proposte e consigli

In italiano come in inglese si può fare una proposta o dare un consiglio in forma di domanda. Se si usa il congiuntivo o una frase negativa (non devi andare...) il risultato è ancora più gentile. La tavola qui sotto mostra alcuni verbi che possono servire per fare delle proposte o dare dei consigli.

verbo forma affermazione
must affermazione You must come and visit us in our new home.
You simply must think of others, too.
shall domanda Shall we get you some help? Shall we have a party for your birthday?
should domanda
Shouldn't you try and solve the problem, before you go on holidays?
You should be honest to yourself first and then try to advise others.
can domanda
Can't we go to the movies tonight?
You can ask your teacher for some adivise, she might be able to help you.
could domanda
Could we have dinner at our favourite restaurant?
You still could apologise to her.
would domanda
Wouldn't it be advisable/wise/better/nicer etc. to do it this way?
I would prefer/advise/think it better to change plans.

Come nei capitoli precedenti ci sono anche alcuni verbi pieni con i quali si può consigliare o proporre qualche cosa.

forma esempio
imperativo Let's go for dinner, shall we.
domanda con 'Why' Why don't we go for a walk, the weather is so nice.
domanda con 'What' What am I to do about this problem?
frase condizionale 'if I were you' I would not go and buy a car with no money if I were you.
frase condizionale 'if you ask me' If you ask me, I would go to the sea and just have a good time.
to advise He advised me to go to see a doctor.
The best thing is She said, the best thing was to go and ask.
had better You had better check the tires before going on a long trip with the car.

contatto informazione legale consenso al trattamento dei dati personali