32.2 Chiedere qualche cosa o permettere qualche cosa

Per chiedere o permettere qualche cosa si possono usare i verbi modali mostrati la tavola qui sotto.

verbo domanda risposta
may May I use your telephone? Yes, you may, it's in the kitchen.
can Can I have some more tea, please? Sure, you can. Here you go.
could Could you go and get some orange juice? Sure, I go, would you like something else?
will Will you please be quiet. Ok, I'm quiet.
would Would you open the window, please? Sure, I open it.

Oltre a usare un verbo modale per chiedere qualche cosa, si può anche ricorrera a un verbo pieno.

forma   esempio
imperativo   Open the window, please.
imperativo   Open the window, would you.
to be allowed (form.) avere il permesso Is it allowed to smoke in here?
to be permitted (form.) avere il permesso Are you permitted to sign this document?
do you mind... dispiacere Do you mind shutting up for a while?
would you mind ... dispiacere Would you mind to go for a walk?

contatto informazione legale consenso al trattamento dei dati personali