30.5.4 Esercizio 4: Decida se si deve mettere una virgola o no

  Decida se si deve mettere una virgola al posto della croce

no    check
In the kitchen there is a great amount of hot food, drinks fruits and vegetables.
We all knewthat he could be successful with his project.
Howeverthere is always the risk of failure.
We could have gone to Hawaii if we had decided earlier.
They were wonderingwhether everything was ok with the others.
We met for the first time on October 22nd2002.
I hope to be the firstto know about your wedding.
He had to call her to ask how to do it.
You knowof coursethat there is no comma before 'that' .
We went to the beachthey paid the bill.
On Sunday, we went to visit friends we met last summer.
His father who was an engineerwanted to help building the house.
He said, "Hei, why don't you come with usif you so much like to go."
Dear HenryI am happy to receive the good news. Best regardsPeter.
The boythat is waiting outside just wants to steal my ice-cream.

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