29.3 Altri verbi che esprimono un cambiamento

to turn diventare Anna turns red easily, when something is embarrassing.
to go diventare Jim went mad when he heard about the last tax raise.

Ci sono altri verbi che da soli descrivono già un mutamento. Qualche volta il italiano esiste una parola per questo determinato tipo di cambiamento e qualche volta no. Ovviamente può accadere anche il contrario.

to age / to get old invecchiare It is better to age with dignity than to try to be forever young.
to better /
to improve
migliorare It is the purpose of this site to enable people to better/improve their English language skills.
to decay guastarsi The cheese was already decaying.
to fade indebolirsi The noise from the radio faded away.
to faint tramortire After his first marathon, he fainted because of exhaustion.
to flush arrossire When Romeo first talked to her, she flushed.
to grow (up) crescere I grew up in a little town near the capital.
to realize rendersi conto You just did not realize how important this was for her.
to soak bagnarsi In the rain, their clothes were soaked.
to shorten accorciarsi During autumn, the days shorten.
to strengthen rinforzare With training, one can strengthen the whole body.
to thin assottigliare During the last couple of months, they all thinned.

Questi sono soltanto esempi. Ovviamente ci sono molte parole di questo tipo.

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