28.12.6 Esercizio 6: Sommario

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Is there anything else I can do for you?
She ate whole the cake.
There were cafés on either side of the street.
Neither of the two women wanted to quit smoking first.
There was a group of twenty tourist in our shop. Both wanted to buy a ticket.
The two houses on the corner will be renovated next year.
I did not want to buy nothing new.
He goes out each second day.
Every person in the room knew that he was lying.
Nothing could be done at the moment. They just had to wait.
There isn't some milk for my coffee in the fridge.
We do not have much time before we have to give the offer.
His friends all wanted to watch the action movie.
Some of us just waited to be served.
We do not have hardly few apples left.

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