26.3.2 L'infinito in espressioni idiomatiche

In alcune espressioni idiomatiche non si utilizza la preposizione to per aggiungere l' infinito.

Espressioni con infinito senza to  
he had better ... gli converrebbe...
he had best ... gli converrebbe...
he had/would rather ... preferirebbe ...
he would sooner ... preferirebbe ...
he would (just) as soon ... gli piacebbe tanto... come
he couldn't (help) but ... poteva soltanto...

He had better go by bus; the weather is too bad to go by bike.
She had best stay at home, she is too ill to go to work.
We had/would rather go to the theatre.
They would sooner sell their house than borrow money.
She would (just) as soon read a good book as go for a walk.
He couldn't (help) but laugh.

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