19.7.1 Esercizio 1: Frasi condizionali di tipo I

Metta nelle caselle il verbo che corrisponde. Utilizzi questi verbi: to read, to finish, to get, to hurry, to study, to drink, can, to have, will, to go

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If you are over 18 years old, you vote.
If you eat less, you lose weight.
He visits only his parents, if he something to eat.
I will be sick like a dog tomorrow, if I too much.
If they the book, they'll know what it is about.
We will fun, if we go on holidays together.
You can go and play, if you your homework.
I will miss my bus, if I don't .
He cannot leave the dog here, if we out as well.
If he is fortunate, he might at the university of his choice.

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