17.5.2 Esercizio 2: Pronomi relativi in frasi relative restrittive

Scelga l' opzione che corrisponde            
Our kitchen table, we bought last year, is still as good as new.
His brother, he admired more than anyone else in the world, was a doctor.
We were having a walk with our dog Polly, really likes to run in the woods.
My friend Jack, wife is also a good friend of mine, lives near London.
Goethe, we have heard of more than once, is a German poet.
The Harry-Potter-books, everyone is talking about, are fun to read.
They were talking to their neighbour Finlay, trees are close to our fence.
He wanted to buy the novel of P. D. James, he had seen as a movie last year.
Our last birthday cake, was pink and white with lots of candles, was a success.
Their parents, they visited every weekend, lived close to their home.

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