10.6.10 Esercizio 10 - Ripasso: formazione e uso dei tempi continui

Utilizzi questi verbi (non si trovano nell'ordine giusto): to get, to jump, to destroy, to disturb, to live, to travel, to study, to come, to hope, to dance
check or answer
He could by train to London yesterday, but it takes all day.
We out of a plane this morning.
She , before she came to my party.
They might all night, they look very tired.
We for a better price, when we sold the car last week, now we have to cut expenses*.
The army many houses in Gaza last year.
First he me, when I was sleeping and then he drank all my beer!
The Smiths in the same house for 5 years.
When we were young, he the most beautiful girls.
We should home earlier.

La formazione e l'uso dei tempi continui la spiegheremo nel capitolo 9.

cut expenses = ridurre i costi

contatto informazione legale consenso al trattamento dei dati personali