Contenuto Capitolo 20 20.10.7 Esercizio 7: Riepilogo delle risposte brevi

Capitolo 20: Imperativo

  20.10.7 Esercizio 7: Rielogo delle risposte brevi

Le risposte brevi vengono spiegate nel capitolo

Risponda a questi domande con una forma breve.
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  Can I go home? Yes, .
  Do you have a tissue? No, .
Don't we ever get tired of dancing? No, .
  Is Albert going to be late again today? Yes, .
  Did they meet their neighbours? Yes, .
  Are you going to be home soon? No, .
Is she sleeping at the moment? No, .
Have you ever been on the moon? Yes, .
  Is there the one and only truth? No, .
  Did you like the book you have read? Yes, .